3D scanners

We offer three distinct scan and design systems to meet varied needs and budgets. Whether the user is a small clinic or a large lab, a design outsourcer or an in-house manufacturer, all dental professionals can find a system that best suits them.

The 7Series scans impressions and models. Delivered with a wide range of dwos design applications, it is well suited for the medium to large dental laboratory, where high volume throughput is required and versatility is a must.

The 3Series is a compact model scanner offered in flexible dwos configurations. Ideal for small and medium dental laboratories, it is particularly well suited for the outsourcing business model. 

The iSeries is an impression scanner, designed to be the easiest way for practitioners to transition to digital dentistry. It will allow anyone on the dental team to quickly digitize traditional impressions and transfer them to the lab.

Our systems feature: 

  • Proven and reliable laser triangulation scanning technology

  • Plug and play installation and ease of use

  • High accuracy: consistently digitize a preparation within an accuracy of 15 microns

  • Special scanning mode for screw-retained bars and bridges (SRBB) (3Series and 7Series)

  • dwos, our powerful software platform

  • dwos connect, our integrated communication and data transfer application

  • Full access to Straumann CARES® Prosthetic portfolio

  • The "3M ESPE Lava Materials Approved" label.

  • Extensive range of scanning applications, including:

276 Full automated scan & design (30 copings for 7Series) 169 Full arch scan in occlusion 170 Morphology replication for anatomy kit
171 Diagnostic wax-up and gingiva 172 Full model for partial design 173 Wax-up replication
174 Onlay 175 Bridge with inlays 176 Raw impression scan from triple tray
177 Cleaned impression scan from triple tray 178 Multiple implant locators 190 Multiple implant locators with opposing